Forever Florals vs Planting Annuals in your Outdoor Planters

With Edmonton's unpredictable weather and the cost associated with planting annuals have you ever thought, I'm just not getting the satisfaction or the end result I envisioned?

No matter how large or small your space is, having greenery or mixed floral planters will not only make your space warm and inviting, it can add privacy and other design elements to your space.

The quality and selection of life-like artificial plants of today make forever florals a very viable option for enhancing your outdoor space.

At Outdoor Rooms Without Walls we can truly customize any size planter arrangement using grasses, succulents, colourful florals and subtle shrubbery. Or we can define spaces or provide privacy by using products like Yucca or Dracaena plants that add volume or coverage to the vast selection of planters we have available.

Whether you are going bold or want to create some softness, forever florals planter arrangements offer a multitude of options in creating that lasting feature or focal point to any outdoor space!